iMax Balance

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Control and manage the money in each of your accounts


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iMax Balance is a finance managing app that allows you to manage and neatly and accurately organize your different accounts (for banks and online expenses), your credit cards, your mobile balance and even your cryptocurrency.

Using iMax Balance is really simple: when you enter the app, you'll access an empty desktop where you can add your different cards. Assign a name, a color and even link them to your bank. You can also type the amount of money in the different accounts and add a category for each account (for example, online shopping) so it's easier for you to know what the purpose of each account is.

When you've added all the cards you want, the app will start keeping an expense balance which helps you check the money available at all times and your total expenses.

iMax Balance is a great app that includes an attractive and simple look. With just one glance, you can check out your different accounts, the money assigned to each account and your total balance.